from TCDD Karşıyaka Description of Station

from TCDD Karşıyaka Station Description: TCDD, Karşıyaka Station made a statement about the published news. Karşıyaka TCDD announced the news about the station. The statement stated: “TCDD has established a policy of restoration of all railway stations with cultural heritage throughout the country as a policy and considers the historical heritage of the railways as one of its primary duties, and hundreds of stations have been restored in the last year.

Karşıyaka The station is one of our cultural heritage stations. After the railroad was placed underground, all permits were taken from the Cultural and Natural Assets Protection Boards and the relieving and restoration project prepared by our organization was approved and the restoration process was started. Since he is in the field of duty in this process Karşıyaka From the Council, Karşıyaka Demolition of attachments around the station was requested. The news in the press is about the breaking down of these add-ons. TCDD Karşıyaka The station has begun to restore the original. The cost of the restoration work is 1,5 million TL and it is covered by our company. ”



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