Lütfi Elvan: We spent $ 1 billion on 100 for highway investments

Lütfi Elvan: We have spent 100 billion TL for highway investments. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, “The last 12 has only reached 100 billion in the year we have spent on land transportation El.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Elvan, Highways 64. He attended the Regional Managers Meeting. Speaking at the meeting, Minister Elvan, development and development is one of the most important dynamics of roads, stating that, inden Road transport or highway is one of the important parts of accessibility. Looking ahead to 2002 year, both the highway and sea, railway, airline, as of the transportation infrastructure to leave the standards of developed countries, many of them were under developed country standards. However, in recent years, especially with Turkey 12 very serious investments in the transport sector reached the standards of developed countries in many areas. In the last 12 year, the amount we have spent on land transportation has reached 100 billion TL. This is a very significant amount and has a truly advanced country standards in Turkey has approached the standard road today, "he said.
Things to road investments of Turkey's economic development, stating that contribute to the development of Ministers Elven, the comfort of road transport, stressed the importance of comfort. Stressing the importance of the highway in the development of a country, Elvan said:
Orum The investments to be made in the highway area will be an important factor in terms of increasing our competitiveness and reducing costs further, especially transportation costs. When evaluating projects, they need to be able to look at a macro scale beyond looking at micro-scale. Proj
Minister Elvan said, en The projects that will be completed in 2014 and the projects included in the investment program are top priority projects. If we are to end in 2014 with a reasonable allowance, we must finish these projects immediately. The second priority is the projects which have been awarded and which we can complete in 2015 with a reasonable allowance İkinci.
Speaking for the work carried out under the 2886 numbered law, Minister Elvan said,, To conclude the projects carried out within the framework of 2886 law. A project that started in 1990 still continues. There is no such thing, I will not let discovery shots, I will tell you very clearly, you will finish. In other words, you will finish the projects carried out within the framework of 2886 and you will be awarded a new tender according to the new Tender Law. Yani

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