The swans of Izmir are on their way

The swans of Izmir are now on their way: The 100 bellows bus purchased by the General Directorate of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been put into service with a ceremony.

Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said that they would prefer electric buses in bus purchases.

The last 60 unit of the 100 bellows bus, commissioned by the General Directorate of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the first 40 units, was put into service last months. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who spoke at the ceremony of commissioning of the buses called Kuğu due to their predominance of white, said that the most important task of the municipality after the planning and the environment was transportation. We have to use the sea, rail system, suburb, and tramway in an efficient way. Minimization of target bus exhaust emissions. But it is almost impossible to get around in the metropolitan cities by giving up the bus. We prefer to buy the busiest, most environmentally friendly buses with low base, latest technology gas emissions while renewing our buses. With our comfortable air-conditioned buses, we are trying to increase the standard of public transport welfare and standard of our citizens of Izmir. We bought a thousand 412 buses to ESHOT and İZULAŞ. Except for the exception of the exception, all of the vehicles in the service are air conditioned and our 85 vehicle is a low base for disabled use. Şu

Aziz Kocaoğlu, who heralded that the buses to be bought from now on will be mainly electric in the direction of a strategic decision, continued as follows: olac Maybe we will try to enrich our fleet only by electric buses only. With the expansion of our metropolitan borders, we are now trying to get our thousand 117 minibuses, which we carry out test trips, into the city card system ie public transportation, 90 minute transfer system. We will also involve the public transport cooperatives in our districts that are expanding our borders. Thus, we will ensure that the work of our citizens, who are doing this profession, will be maintained. Aş

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