Istanbula Marmaray Arrives

marmaray trains
marmaray trains

Marmaray came to Istanbul: Two sides of the city came together. Even Hacıosman and the Eagle were tied together. Hacıosman from the subway to Yenikapı ride to Marmaray. In Ayrılıkçeşme, he transfers to the subway and goes to Kartal. Transportation is the most important element in tourism. Projects that are late for Istanbul are being implemented. Is it true that some things are being done when passing through?

With Levant Oral, General Manager of Victory Hotel in Beyazıt, and Sevda Yılgaz, General Manager of Beyazsaray Hotel sohbet while we were working, we thought why the Vezneciler stop of the subway was not named Lâleli. Sevda Yılgaz said, “It's Şehzadebaşı… It must be Şehzadebaşı, known for its cantos, casinos and famous artists in the history of Istanbul”.

Levent Oral said, “It's not from Laleli. Vezneciler. He said it should be. Stating that the whole world knows the name Lâleli, I said “Foreigners hardly pronounce the name of Vezneciler while coming in the subway. They even asked the passengers if this is Lâleli, ”I said. Sevda Yılgaz stated that they talked about the need to plant tulips while she was at the Istanbul Tourism Workshop Commission and said, “But until today, thousands of tulips have been planted in Istanbul. For some reason, not a single tulip was planted in the district, whose name is Laleli. Probably the name of Lâleli is wanted to be forgotten, ”he said.

Who wants to make it forget? I do not forget that the foreigners called me ılar Laleli world's textile center ın in my travels to Ukraine, Azerbaijan and even the Gulf countries.

He knows and knows the foreign Lâleli well.
He calls the metro station Laleli.
Veznecileri have difficulty in pronouncing.
I wonder if he would pronounce Şehzadebaşı easily?
It seems to me that he suffers a lot to say.
For some reason we leave easy and we choose the hard way.

Sevda Yılgaz and Levent Oral stated that Lâleli had a distinction between the top and the bottom and said alt The above does not want to be remembered with the following. They do not like the Vezneciler stop called Lâleli. Pek

I know that Tarkan Akyüz, the owner of the Laleli Platform Grand Ant Hotel, is trying to gather Lâleli under a roof.

I think the veznecilerin, Lâleli to bring the agenda. Laleli Businessmen Association-Lasiad supported by the Laleli Platform member hotels and "Laleli 24 hours will be a shining region" will work for the project.

Trying to identify the name of Lâleli as Vezneciler may harm these studies.
The whole world knows the name of Laleli who is the subject of the songs and the name of the poets. But we do not know the value.



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