Giant Caterpillar Combine Two Continents (Photo Gallery)

The Giant Caterpillar Connecting Two Continents: The tunnel excavation works under the Istanbul Strait of the Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing) started with a ceremony attended by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan. Work under the sea floor; It will be realized with a Tunnel Boring Machine with a length of 120 meters and a weight of 3 thousand 400 tons and specially designed for the project. Eurasia Tunnel design, construction and operation, leading Yapi Merkezi from Turkey and Eurasia founded by SK E & C companies from South Korea, Tunnel Construction Business and Investment Co. (ATAŞ). The Eurasia Tunnel will reduce the travel time between Göztepe and Kazlıçeşme to 15 minutes.
In order to contribute to the solution of the traffic problem in Istanbul and to the highway crossing of the Bosphorus, Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) has been awarded the Build-Operate-Transfer model. . Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkish Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Binali Yıldırım, Ambassador of South Korea Lee Sangkyu, General Director of Infrastructure Investments Metin Tahan, Chairman of ATAŞ , ATAŞ CEO Seok Jae Seo, representatives of financial institutions providing credit to the project and other guests attended. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan; By pressing the button of the Tunnel Boring Machine specially designed for the project, it started excavation works under the sea floor.
The two sides of the Bosphorus will be connected to the highway tunnel for the first time
The Istanbul Strait Road Crossing Project will connect the Asian and European sides with a highway tunnel passing under the sea floor. The project, which will serve in Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line where there is a high traffic in Istanbul, covers a total of 14,6 kilometers. The 5,4 kilometer of the project will form a two-storey tunnel, which will be constructed under the sea floor, while road and enlargement studies will be carried out on the 9,2 kilometer in Europe and Asia. Travel time in Istanbul, which is very intensive traffic time 100 minutes to 15 minutes until the safe and comfortable travel will be provided. ATAŞ was commissioned for the design, construction and operation of the tunnel for approximately 26 years. For the project investment, the public will not have any expenditure, but will only supervise the construction and operation. With the completion of the operation period, the Eurasia Tunnel will be transferred to the public.
The project will be realized with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, with a financing of approximately $ 1.3 billion. An international loan of 960 million dollars was provided for the investment. Equity of $ 285 million was provided by Yapı Merkezi and SK E&C.
Tunnel Boring Machine (Lightning Bayezid) specially produced in Germany
Excavations under the sea floor are carried out with Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), which is specially designed for this project. CPC's assembly operations were carried out in Germany produced in Turkey by Herrenknect. Tunnel Boring Machine, which started to work on the Anatolian side, is progressing by digging the soil and forming the inner walls under the floor of the 25 meter of the sea floor. The daily feed rate will be the average 8-10 meter. TBM, 11 in the world with the pressure of 2 bar between tunneling machines using bentonite slurry. In the world, 13,7 6 in the world with meter digging diameter. ranks.
machine floor kazanThe main shield part, which combines the balancing and pre-cast segment parts and forms the tunnel body, is 13,5 meters long and reaches a total length of 4 meters with 120 support units including all power and other units attached to the back. The total weight of the machine is around 3 thousand 400 tons and the heaviest part connected at once is the cutter head with 450 tons.
About ATAŞ
Avrasya Tunnel Management Construction and Investment Inc. (ATAŞ) was established in 2009 to realize the Istanbul Strait Road Crossing Project. Yapi Merkezi leaders from Turkey and South Korea SK E & C companies, Attachment is a two-partner. Building Center, 50 years of experience in pioneering projects and global levels to realize the accumulation Turkey and one of the leading construction companies in the world. SK E&C is the construction and engineering branch of SK Group, the third largest business group of South Korea. Yapı Merkezi and SK E&C are global brand companies that carry out very successful infrastructure and transportation projects in different parts of the world.

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