An important step for future generations from Akçansa

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Akçansa 'important step for from future generations: Turkey's leading building materials company, Akçansa's General Manager Hakan Gurdal, stating that they stepped thinking about today and tomorrow, the "5 years ago, our rate of use of alternative fuels within 2 percent by 2020, 30 per cent We aim to take it out. ”
AKÇANSA, which is one of the sponsors of the Istanbul Carbon Summit, which will start at Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center tomorrow, will take environmentally friendly steps by considering future generations.
Turkey's leading building materials company, Akçansa's General Manager Hakan Gürdal a global threat to future generations has become and about the summit to address the carbon issue on the agenda of all countries across the world, "awareness about carbon emissions increase and taken to the decisions of both Turkey and that it will have extremely important consequences worldwide. We are very happy to be one of the sponsors of the Istanbul Carbon Summit as AKÇANSA. Biz
AKÇANSA General Manager Hakan Gürdal emphasized that they stepped forward by considering tomorrow as well as today, yakın As a company that has been directing the Turkish cement industry for almost half a century, we are directing our new investments to the field of energy and sustainable environment. In this respect, we work with the focus on efficiency and sustainability through the use of renewable energy resources, waste management practices that will create positive results for all stakeholders and the world. Bu
Stating that public awareness on climate change and its effects has increased, Gürdal stated that they have developed serious strategies to prevent greenhouse gas through efforts to improve carbon management, emission trade and clean technologies, and that they support many projects as AKÇANSA.
Hakan Gürdal emphasized that they have made significant savings in the last 5 year with the use of waste in their factories. UM 5 is aiming to increase our 2 2020 30 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX atık
Çiz In our production facilities, we apply very high standards in the processes of great importance such as the use of alternative fuels and raw materials, sensitivity to environmental protection, occupational safety and work ethics. Uy Hakan Gürdal said that they are the volunteer ambassadors of waste management and they carry the flag as the leader of the sector. .
- “We saved 60,000 tons of CO2”
2011 years in the Dardanelles operations in Turkey's first Waste Heat Recovery Gürdal that have established the Plant, Waste Heat Recovery in cement manufacturing technology with the facility stating that they meet the energy requirements of the 30 percent of the factory, "our plant with 105 million kWh capacity of all domestic electricity of Çanakkale We meet your need. We have also provided 60,000 ton CO2 savings as carbon emissions. Karbon
Last year Çanakkale plant in voicing Hakan Gürdal complete the Alternative Fuels Supply facilities, from March 2013, this facility can be burned first tire disintegrated and he said the only facility in Turkey.
Hakan Gürdal stated that they have been awarded in the field of Sustainable Waste Management and Communication by Corporate Social Responsibility Association with the 'CO2 Single Carbon Dual Oxygen Project'.
Gürdal said that they organized Biodiversity Day in order to contribute to the increase and development of biodiversity this year. He also stated that they organized a Biodiversity Project Competition titled dile Increase Biodiversity, Add Value to Natural Life ileri among university students.
Akçansa stated that they are not a problem but a solution oriented one. Hakan Gürdal stated that it is a priority goal to prevent the deterioration of biodiversity and to rehabilitate the areas where the reserve ends.
- Istanbul Carbon Summit -
Istanbul Chamber of Industry, EÜAŞ, TÜBİTAK MAM, Marmara Municipalities Association, METU Petroleum Research Center, Energy Efficiency Association, World Energy Council Turkish National Committee, Energy Economy Association, Unlicensed Electricity Producers Association, Energy and Climate Change Foundation, Energy Trade Association of Nuclear Engineers Association, Turkey Cement Manufacturers Association, International Transportation and Logistics Service Providers Association of Turkey Association of Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry Association, Ready Mixed Concrete Association, also of associations such as the Association of Plastics Manufacturers actively participate in Istanbul Carbon Summit fairly high expected participation.
EMRA and CMB support the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Economy, Environment and Urbanism, Science, Industry and Technology, Forestry and Water Affairs, as well as the summit where stakeholders such as the European Commission and the Trade Commission of the Australian Embassy are present.

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