34 Istanbul

Trends in Logistics Sector Research

Trends Survey in Logistics Sector: Logistics Sector Expects 'Foreign Capital' According to the research conducted by Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics, Center for Logistics Applications and Research, logistics managers in the first 2014 month of 3 [more…]

35 Izmir

Fire Exercise Completed (Photo Gallery)

Izbanda Fire Exercise Made: IZMIR, one of the most important pillars of public transportation Izban wagons with a possible fire after the drill was made for what may occur. Fire extinguished in the exercise area, intervention in the wounded [more…]


6 offer for Derince port

6 bids for Derince port: 6 companies submitted bids for Derince Port, which was put out to tender by the Privatization Administration (ÖİB). According to the written statement made by the ÖİB, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Enterprise [more…]

34 Istanbul

Japan Increases Marmaray Credit

Japan Increases Marmaray Credit: In order to meet the additional financing needs of the Marmaray Project-Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Section, the financing amount obtained from the Japan International Cooperation Agency with the loan agreement dated 2005 was increased. Treasure [more…]


Privatization Action at Derince Port

Privatization Action in Derince Port: The Liman Business Union, which opposed the privatization tender of Derince Port in Kocaeli, gathered in front of the port and took action. In the action in front of Derince Port, to the Port Business Union; MHP, CHP, [more…]