IRIS certification was mandatory

Obtaining IRIS Certification became mandatory. IRIS, which is the standard of the international railway industry, has become the mandatory documents required in railway tenders in our country as well as abroad and entered into force on 1 July 2010 by being published in the official gazette no. 27628 in clause 6c. According to this regulation; TECHNICAL ACCEPTANCE OF CARGO AND WAGON MAIN PARTS [more…]

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Eskişehir Local Production Pressed Button for High Speed ​​Train

The button was pressed for the domestic production high-speed train in Eskişehir: Eskişehir, where the first traction workshop was established in Turkey's 158-year railway history, and the first domestic steam locomotive Karakurt was manufactured, is also excited to be the city where high-speed trains will be produced within the scope of the "National Train Project" announced last month. . According to the information compiled by its correspondent, Eskişehir's acquaintance with the railway began in 1894 when the Istanbul-Baghdad railway line passed through the city. [more…]

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Xinjiang subway will be put into service after test runs

Sincan metro will be put into service after test drives: Sincan Mayor Assoc. Mustafa Tuna said that the Sincan metro will be put into service after the test drives. Making a statement about the services provided to Sincan, Tuna gave information about many projects from the City Square to the Culture House, from the Ankara Stream to the Connection Roads, from the Ladies' Mansion to the Recycling Works. Answering the questions, Tuna said after the test drives of the Sincan Metro. [more…]

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The villagers who slaughtered the expropriation closed the road to traffic

Villagers Victims of Expropriation Closed the Road to Traffic: Members of the Northern Forests Defense and residents of 6 villages in Eyüp closed the highway to traffic on the grounds that they were victims of the 3rd Airport, Bridge, Yenişehir and Kanal Istanbul projects in their regions. The road, which was closed on both sides for about half an hour, was reopened after the action. Northern Forests Defense members gathered at Eyüp Ağaçlı Junction and 6 [more…]

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The traffic light was put on Antray route

A traffic light was placed on the Antray route, and the drudgery ended: The duty of the personnel of Transportation Inc., who works at the 12 intersection points on the route of Antray, which serves between Fatih and Square, ended with the placement of traffic lights. While it is known that the personnel assigned by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System since June 2012, at the points where the Metropolitan Municipality Constabulary had previously been assigned, it is known that the traffic lights have been assigned. [more…]

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Metrobus take the bike

Take the Metrobus cyclist across the street: Those who believe that the bicycle is the best alternative to Istanbul traffic took action to be able to use public transportation when needed. The Bicycle Transportation Platform (BUP), which was established to raise awareness in the society about bicycle transportation, was once again in action. KadıköyAccording to the report of Gökçe Uygun, platform member cyclists KadıköyThey defended their “rights to ride a bicycle on the metrobus” in their protests in Turkey. On Sunday, January 19 [more…]

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1,7 billion pounds doping for Ankara and Istanbul subways

Doping of 1,7 billion liras for Ankara and Istanbul subways: The Ministry of Transport has allocated a significant budget for the Ankara and Istanbul subways this year. 1,1 billion liras of this will go to the three metro lines in Ankara. This year, 1 billion 730 million liras will be transferred to the Ankara and Istanbul metros, which were accelerated due to the local elections. All from the budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications [more…]

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Levent-Hisarüstü Mini Metro Connects to the Main Metro Line

Levent-Hisarüstü Mini Metro is Connected to the Main Metro Line: A switch work will be carried out for the connection of the "Levent-Hisarüstü Mini Metro" to the main metro line, which is made by the joint work of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism. The "mini metro" between Levent and Hisarüstü, which is a joint work of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism, is a switch study for its connection to the main metro line. [more…]


Adaray flights start in January 31

Adaray flights start on January 31: Adaray, which has suspended its flights for 20 days due to the works on the YHT Train Line, will start working from January 31. ON JANUARY 31, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's rail transportation system Adaray will resume its flights on January 4, which was interrupted due to the works in the construction of the YHT train line. The start date of Adaray, which operates at 4 stations between Adapazarı and Arifiye [more…]


Trapped between tram and handrails

Stuck between the railings with the tram: They got stuck between the railings with the tram A young person was injured when the tram was hit by the tram in Eskişehir. According to the information received, Betül B. (24), who wanted to cross the road on the rails in front of the Courthouse located on the Cumhuriyet Boulevard in the Kurtuluş neighborhood, was hit by the tram under the administration of Umut K. (32). Betül B. was caught between the tram and the railings. Citizens and Courthouse to the aid of the injured [more…]

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Floated in the Garden of the House (Video)

He built a railroad in the garden of his house: Tom Miller, who has been interested in trains since his childhood, built an unprecedented train track in the garden of his farm. Miller, whose love for trains dates back to his childhood, impressed everyone with the railway he laid on his farm. Designing mini-model vehicles, Tom Miller laid a railroad in the garden of his farm, which he bought. THE HOUSE IS FOR SALE He furnished it in the form of coming and going. [more…]