25 Erzurum

Snow rafting enjoyment of journalists

Journalists enjoying snow rafting: Polish journalists enjoyed snow rafting at Palandöken Ski Center, one of Turkey's most important ski resorts. In addition to skiing, sledding and snowboarding, snow in Palandöken Ski Center [more…]

32 Isparta

Students Stressed in the Ski Resort of Davraz

Students Relieve Stress at Davraz Ski Center: The students and teachers of Emin Gülmez Secondary School, located in the Bucak district of Burdur, relieved their half-year fatigue at Davraz Ski Center in Isparta. 270 students of Bucak Emin Gülmez Secondary School [more…]

04 Pain

Gokyca ski resort gospel

The good news of Taşlıçaya ski resort: Ağrı Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Mehmet Şafi Erim visited Taşlıçay. Şafi Erim visited District Governor Atifçiçek and Mayor İsmail Taşdemir in their offices, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa is finally being repaired

Haydarpaşa is finally being repaired: Haydarpaşa Station, whose roof was burned 3 years ago, finally decided to repair! 2 months before the local elections, as a result of the 'delayed tender' to be held on January 28, the station within 1.5 years [more…]

06 Ankara

Train is very important for Kocaeli

The train is very important for Kocaeli: Izmit has been waiting for the train for more than three years. The high-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara was promised on October 29. It didn't happen... It was said, "The train will run until the end of the year", again [more…]

06 Ankara

National High Speed ​​Train Project route

National High Speed ​​​​Train Project route: The route of the National High Speed ​​​​Train Project, which was introduced last month, has been announced. The train that will be put into service on the Ankara-Sivas line for the first time. with the east of the country [more…]


Niğde High Speed ​​Train Project

Niğde High Speed ​​​​Train Line Project Studies: Within the scope of the project prepared by the TCDD 6th Regional Directorate, 80 percent of the Karaman, Ulukışla and Yenicetren lines will be made suitable for high-speed train use. [more…]