President Altepe: Don't leave the car on the tram line

Mayor Altepe: Don't leave the car to the tram line: Bursa Metropolitan President Recep Altepe stated that the tram line which is intertwined with traffic should definitely not be left in the car.
Bursalıların very fast adapting to the tram that expresses the Bursa Metropolitan President Recep Altepe, the tram line intertwined with traffic, should not be left in the car reminded once again.
Expressing that passengers should not be paused on the route of the passenger vehicles and at the stops, President Altepe noted that the vehicles that do not comply with the rules will be penalized from the 61 / 1-a article of the Highways Traffic Law and called for sensitivity to the citizens.
Altepe stated that the Metropolitan Municipality gave importance to the transportation activities and they wanted to breathe traffic to the traffic. “When the city traffic is locked in Bursa, all the people of Bursa are being damaged. Students need to reach their school, employees 'workplaces, patients' health facilities. At this point, we do the necessary work, but the citizens should be careful and sensitive about this issue. Biz
On the other hand, the first local tram produced in Bursa under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality 'Silkworm', Ataturk Street and Garage between the T1 line began on the 12 line between October 750 has been reported to carry around a thousand passengers.
With the inclusion of the tram system, which has been transported by nearly 750 passengers to date, many vehicles have been withdrawn from the urban traffic and thus have made significant contributions to air quality.



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