Number of Passengers Passed to the Marmaray reached 10 Million


The number of passengers carried in Marmaray reached 10 million: The number of passengers carried by Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe with a tunnel under the sea and opened on 29 October 2013, reached 10 million. According to the information received from TCDD, the average number of passengers per day, which ranged between 90 thousand and 100 thousand, was the most used hours between 07.30-09.00 and 16.00-19.00.

The most preferred station for the passengers was Üsküdar with 27, with 25 and Ayrilik Fountain Station with 23, Sirkeci Station with 16, Yenikapı Station with 9, and Kazlıçeşme Station with XNUMX.
Üsküdar 27 thousand, Ayrılık Fountain 25 thousand, Sirkeci 23 thousand, Yenikapı 16 thousand, Kazlıçeşme 9 thousand were listed in the average number of passengers per day. With the opening of Marmaray on 29 October 2013, 14 million 9 thousand 929 passengers were carried until 755 January.


With the introduction of Marmaray, the density of the City Lines ferries on the route decreased, while the Bosphorus traffic was relieved with the cancellation of some voyages in the sea vehicles. It is estimated that the number of passengers carried on the Üsküdar-Eminönü Line of the City Lines has decreased by 50 percent, and passengers have slipped into Marmaray.
The number of those who prefer Marmaray, who are among the private car owners traveling around the collar, is considered to be “substantial”.


While Marmaray currently carries an average of 100 passengers per day, it is thought that this number will increase to 150 thousand when the Yenikapı extensions of Şişhane-Taksim-Hacıosman Metro and Aksaray-Atatütürk Airport Light Rail System, which are expected to be completed next month, are completed.
Approximately 2014 million passengers are planned to be transported with Marmaray in 45.


In Marmaray, with 5 stations, all technical buildings are protected by over 200 private security personnel and the stations are secured. Suspicious situations are sought with detectors.

With the CCTV Closed Circuit Television System, Marmaray is monitored 24 hours a day by the staff at the Station Operation Rooms and the Business Management Center in Üsküdar.

With the Bosphorus crossing, Marmaray will ensure the integration of the rail systems by combining the subway networks, which serve as the backbone between the rail systems on both sides of Istanbul, in the near future.
At Ayrılık Çeşmesi Station Kadıköy-Marmaray, which is integrated with Kartal metro, Taksim Metro and Atatürk Airport-Aksaray Light Rail System at Yenikapı Station this year, Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Metro in 2015, and Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian side when the rehabilitation of superficial suburban lines was completed in 2015. Gebze, Kazlıçeşme on the European sideHalkalı It is foreseen that they will contribute more to Istanbul transportation by completing the connections between them.

Until the opening of the Yenikapı-Şişhane-Taksim-Hacıosman Metro Line, increasing the number of expeditions will be finalized.


Istanbulites who use Marmaray generally make “positive” comments. While the e-mails and applications are emphasized, especially the technical features of the project and its necessity for Istanbul, Marmaray is described as a "late project". There are requests from the passengers regarding the tightening of the departure times.

The Yenikapı-Şişhane-Taksim-Hacıosman Metro Line, which is thought to increase the number of passengers significantly and will be integrated with Marmaray in Yenikapı, is aimed to be operated with the frequency of expeditions to meet the increasing travel demands.
The exhibition of excavations made during the construction of Yenikapı Station and belonging to the historical monuments in the station continues to attract attention since the opening of Marmaray.


Saying that he has been using Marmaray since its opening, Zekeriya Yusufoğulları said, “I have been working in Zeytinburnu for 30 years. The opening of Marmaray was a big lottery for us. I was coming in 1,5-2 hours before, now it's down to 1 hour. I save 2 hours a day. ”

Yusufoğulları stated that he used my own vehicle for transportation before Marmaray opened, but he did not use his vehicle when he was going to work. Reis Aktemur stated that he got on Marmaray for the third time and said, “It makes my job easier. I was using IETT buses before. "There was a difference of at least 1 hour."

Ecmel Tokyürek, who used Marmaray for the first time, stated that he used to live in Küçükyalı and his family in Gaziosmanpaşa, and that he used Metrobus before but tried Marmaray today. İnci Şamada, who went to visit his family in Avcılar, said that he traveled to Avcılar in 4 hour thanks to Marmaray while he traveled in 1 hours before Marmaray.

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