01 Adana

Varda Bridge was the gate of income

Varda Bridge became a source of income: The bridge, which is located in the village of Hacıkırı (Kiralan) in the central Karaisalı district, and known as the "Big Bridge" by the local people, is also called the German bridge because it was built by the Germans [more…]

25 Erzurum

Aslı Nemutlu case rejection request rejected

The judge's request for rejection in the Aslı Nemutlu case was rejected: In the case of the national skier Aslı Nemutlu, who died at the age of 2 after falling down while training at the Konaklı Ski Center of Erzurum and crashed into the wooden curtains 17 years ago. [more…]


Drivers Warned Due to High Speed ​​Train

Drivers Alerted Due to High Speed ​​​​Train Operation: Drivers were asked to pay attention due to the bridge and road works carried out at the Epçeler Road junction on the Geyve – Taraklı road. From the D – 650 Highway passing through Geyve [more…]

konya logistics center

Konya will be Connected to the Sea by Rail

Konya Logistics Center will be connected to the sea by Konya rails: AK Party Konya Provincial Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, 'Ring Road Project and Logistics Center Project with our industrialists will win, farmers will win, our producer will win. In short [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railway network in Karaman Organized Industrial Zone

Railway network to Karaman Organized Industrial Zone: Railway network to OIZ It has been reported that a railway network will be built to Karaman Organized Industrial Zone. In the statement made by the OIZ Directorate, “Exports from Karaman Organized Industrial Zone are made every year. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursaray Can not go to Yenisehir Airport

Can't Bursaray go to Yenişehir Airport: Some people think that Yenişehir Airport is far from Bursa. I do not agree with this thought. Because the concept of distance is variable. It is perceived differently according to circumstances, people and time. That's why; Yenişehir Airport [more…]