Trends in Logistics Sector Research

Trends in Logistics Sector Research: Logistics Sector 'Foreign Capital' Awaits Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Logistics Applications and Research Center according to the research 2014 3 XNUMX in the month of the logistics managers in the sector predicts an increase in foreign capital investments.
. 2013 arı Fourth Quarter “results of ği Trends in Logistics Sector ok will be realized in cooperation with International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTIKAD) by the Center for Logistics Applications and Researches of Beykoz Lojistik Vocational School of Higher Education.
The research, which determined the trends, expectations, and perceptions of the logistics sector in the January, February and March of the XIXF has been shown to be striking. 400 of the logistics managers participating in the survey stated that the foreign capital investments in the sector will be 'significantly increased', while 2014 expects that foreign capital investments will increase. While the expectation that the foreign capital investments will remain at the same level is 22,5 among the managers, the percentage of those who think that they will decrease will be 65. will not change and 7,5 percent of the sector will not grow 'small' said.
Researchers recognized the polls in Turkey Bulent name and Tanlak Consultancy and Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Deputy Director, Logistics Applications and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Coordinated by Okan Tuna, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Dursun Yener, “Trends in Logistics Sector Research m carried out by Aysun Akpolat and Tuğba Güngör with the support of UTIKAD, will be repeated every three months and will provide different perspectives and perceptions of the sector within the periods. The research, which will provide an important deficiency in the decision-making processes of the logistics sector managers and ensure the transfer of accurate data to the public scientifically, will also enable the establishment of a healthy infrastructure in terms of creating public opinion. The survey will be shared with the sector, the public and the media in four quarters of the year, allowing the sector to follow the trends in the next three months.
According to the results of the 2013 iler Fourth Quarter, the sector's next 3 monthly expectations are as follows;
• Logistics companies, International Transport Activity (% 80) and Road Transport (% 70), as well as carrying out their activities within the warehouse (50) and intermodal transportation (62,5) began to give importance to activities such as.
• Logistics sector managers estimate that foreign capital investments will increase in the next three months (65) and the sector will grow (57,5).
• Logistics sector managers think that the logistics sector is missing by the public (% 70) and public opinion (% 57,5).
• Logistics sector managers think that exchange of information between enterprises (82,5) and cooperation (% 87,5) in logistics sector.
• According to managers, the confidence of the enterprises they serve in the sector is moderate (% 55).
• Logistics sector managers think that price competition is high (82,5) in the logistics sector. Quality (% 47,5) and service speed (% 57,5) is moderate in competition.
• The most important problem identified by logistics sector managers is price-oriented competition (45). The public sector expectation of the sector is the regulation of ide legislation (% 60). The report of the study has been sent in the annex of the press release and submitted to the evaluation of the members of the press.
Trends in Logistics Sector Research

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