RayHaber Magazine issue 5

Hello there,
Our rapidly growing rail sector in Turkey together with the liberalization of the TCDD. Rail systems, which grow daily and renew themselves technologically, are widely used both for intercity trains and in urban transportation. I move the floating mass of highways and rail transport prefer to closely follow our website and our magazine is doing our duty, we'll continue to keep the pulse of Turkey's railway.
The “national train”, which was announced to be produced with domestic manufacturers, was announced after the promotion in Eskişehir. Following all the details about this project closely RayHaber team, TCDD, TÜLÖMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ will be produced by High Speed ​​Train, Electric and Diesel Train Sets and improved freight and wagon production news we have brought together in this issue for you. We hope you will like our news about Istanbul University, ASELSAN and TUBITAK, which support the project scientifically.
With our new design and structuring, we will continue to be more dynamic in the railway sector. With the power we get from you, the design of the "national train" will be completed soon in order to be able to better report. http://www.millitren.com We will be with you.
Hope to see you in the next issue,

Levent Özen

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