RayHaber EurAsiaRail is at 2014

RayHaber Özen Technical Consultancy Media Group EurAsiaRail will be with you at 2014 fair. 11. You can get information about our publications and share your opinions with us by coming to our booth number D12.
RAYHABER Our magazine is published once a month with the objective and innovative point of view in the rail systems sector and keeps the pulse of the sector for you!
RAILLYNEWS, 3 months is a magazine published in Turkey's first international railway 5 published in languages ​​(English and German, in summary form, French, Spanish and Russian) is the world's only magazine rail system.
TELEFERİKHAB is 6 is published once a month. English and Turkish sectors following the cable car is the only publications in Turkey. Distribution: All the magazines of our 55% (25% in Europe, 25% in Turkey and 5% Other) rate domestic and the overseas firms by private courier companies, the rate of 45% fair we have the official press partner, is distributed at conferences and seminars. Reader: Our magazines are mostly followed by middle-aged readers.
RayHaber ve RaillyNews you can subscribe to our magazines for 1 year or 2 years.
e-Reader: High-resolution magazines can be read for free. Average e-magazine reading statistics are as follows:
RayHaber: 1800 e-reader / month
RaillyNews: 1200 e-reader / month
TeleferikHaber: 800 e-reader / month

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