Birds can't buy fast train

Birds can't get on the high-speed train: üzerinde High-speed train “causes mass deaths on birds' migration routes. Even though TCDD claims that birds will diye change their way in time ği, the Nature Association says et Birds cannot change their ways in front of a train lar.
Flocks of birds hit the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which traveled at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and the birds lost their lives. YHT from Ankara hit a flock of birds near Eskişehir because the route of the train is on the migration routes of the birds.
In the official statement made about the incident, TCDD stated that the YHT, which took the distance between Ankara and Eskişehir in 1 hour and 20 minutes, hit more bird flocks in the first years:
“This is starting to decrease now. Because the birds also got used to YHT and started to change their migration routes. However, bird flocks migrating from time to time hit the YHT. YHT will not decrease its speed due to the flock of birds and will continue its voyages at a speed of 250 kilometers. Over time, the birds will get used to YHT and completely change their migration route. "
”Birds cannot escape from this speed“
Sureyya İsfendiyaroğlu from the Nature Association said in a statement to bianet that this was not true:
Ve In projects such as roads, highways, infrastructure and railways, birds were dying periodically in their first years of operation. TCDD says that migratory birds will get used to YHT, but this is not possible. T
Ebilir Migratory birds do not change their ways, but only the local birds can learn the YHT. Birds from the 300 can not escape from a fast-paced train or birds in the vicinity, birds don't fly so fast. X
Malı TCDD should perform risk assessment where birds are densely populated and where migratory birds are intense. For example, in these places, YHT can be closed with barriers so that bird deaths and accidents can be prevented. Örneğin
“What will happen if larger birds hit the train in the future? The windscreen can break, this can lead to a larger accident. Technical measures need to be increased. Due to this precaution, flocks of birds are dying. Train lines pass near a place near Ankara tea. According to him, adaptation should be achieved.

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