35 Izmir

Radiation scrap in the heart of Izmir

Radiated scrap in the heart of Izmir: High radiation was found in the scraps sent by the TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate to the Mechanical Chemistry Institute (MKE). MKE sent the radiation scraps back to TCDD. Scraps are currently in the heart of Izmir, [more…]

63 Sanliurfa

Urfa Balıklıgöle cable car project

Urfa Balıklıgöle ropeway project: The ropeway project, which has been waiting for many years for Şanlıurfa, but has not been realized, has increased the hope of citizens with the upcoming local elections. 30 March Local elections to be held on 2014 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray Disease

Marmaray Disease: As the proj project of the century layan connecting Asia and Europe to the tunnel under the sea, the number of passengers is increasing every day and they cannot use Marmaray at all. Claustrophobia [more…]

Intercity Railways

BALO will pull its load from iron

BALO will take its load from iron: The new trend in international transport will be the railway. There is a saying, 'everyone goes to Mersin, you go to the contrary' Our country is sitting in this phrase cuk. He knows why [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Metro to be opened before New Year

Ankara Metro will be opened before the New Year: Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek, who stated that the work on the Ankara metro continues, said, "I hope the people of Ankara will get on the metro before the New Year." Gökçek, CHP's Ankara Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

07 Antalya

Olympos ropeway line has been taken care of

The Olympos cable car line was taken care of: The Olympos cable car line, which led to the peak of Tahtali Mountain, was maintained between November 11-22. The Olympos cable car line that brings thousands of tourists to the summit of Tahtali Mountain in Kemer District of ANTALYA, [more…]

07 Antalya

Maintenance break for Olympos cable car in Tahtali

Maintenance break for the Olympos cable car in Tahtalı: The Olympos cable car line, which takes you to the summit of Tahtalı Mountain, was taken into maintenance between 11-22 November. Olympos cable car line, which takes thousands of tourists to the summit of Tahtalı Mountain in Antalya's Kemer District, [more…]

34 Istanbul

First day of pay

First day of toll pass in Marmaray: TCDD Deputy General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors Veysi Kurt said that they think that citizens using Marmaray by getting out of the traffic of the city brings a relief to the city. Asia and Europe [more…]

34 Istanbul

I boarded the Marmar

I took the Marmaray: Last night we entered the 20.45 Marmaray Yenikapı station, I went down, waited for the arrival of the 5 min wagon, arrived and boarded, moved. [more…]