Fast train in Erzurum horizon

There is a high speed train on the horizon of Erzurum: Altıparmak; “The high-speed train project is already being designed up to Erzincan. We have to force him to reach Erzurum. We need to focus on these arguments.. Last week by KUDAKA [more…]

7 Russia

In tram tram service in Moscow

In Moscow, tram libraries are in service: In December, the Russian capital, Moscow, will begin to operate trams, which will offer classic literature books to passengers. “Trolley” books are in specially prepared pockets placed behind the front seats. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Loads of freight on railways

Let the freight be transported quickly on the railways: While the transportation projects of Konya and its surroundings were discussed at the Regional Transportation Workshop, it was emphasized that mixed lines should be included in freight transportation. Speaking at the Transport Workshop, KOP Regional Development Administration [more…]

86 China

Maximum safety in rail system

Maximum safety in rail system: The new generation of receivers to be used in rail systems will maximize safety in rail transport. Real-time physical and technical data will improve the quality of rail systems as well as security [more…]


Kocamaz Mersini Tells Projects That Will Raise

Kocamaz Explained the Projects That Will Lift Mersin: The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Burhanettin Kocamaz stated that he set out to prevent Mersin from suffering further losses in the hands of competent people, and said, “I have always wanted Mersin [more…]