Malatya People Choose the Color of Trambus

People of Malatya Choose the Color of their Trambus: The trambus project, which is a modern system for regulating urban transportation and increasing public transportation vehicles, is being implemented in Malatya. As the 1st stage, Masti and the University [more…]

11 Bilecik

High-speed trains led to disaster

High-speed train work was causing disaster: The high-speed train works in Bilecik Başköy were almost a disaster. To the house of a citizen named Tahir Ertürk, whose house and workplace are in the same place in the region. [more…]


Ambassador of Pakistan Düzcede

Ambassador of Pakistan in Düzce: Ambassador of Pakistan Muhammad Haroon Shaukat came to Düzce to inspect the Monorail Project produced by the Symmetry Factory in Düzce. He got on the Monorail at the trial station created by the Symmetry Factory at Çilimli Turn and completed the project. [more…]

06 Ankara

High-speed train plunged into a flock of birds

High Speed ​​​​Train dived into a flock of birds: The High Speed ​​​​Train, making the Ankara-Eskişehir expedition, plunged into a flock of birds. The front of the YHT was covered in blood due to the perished birds. TCDD officials, at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour [more…]