Both Antalya and Isparta will benefit from the fast train (Special Report)

Both Antalya and Isparta will benefit from the fast train: Some important issues related to the Ankara-Antalya high-speed train will be discussed by Professor at Istanbul University, Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering Department. Dr. We met with Mustafa KARAŞAHİN: Here are some important points:
1. Both Isparta and Burdur will benefit from the high-speed train line to be connected to Antalya.
2. The line will pass through both Isparta and Burdur provinces.
3. The point of the line will be passed through detailed project studies. In such project work, as much as possible, low cost of construction, high speed, operation etc. matters are taken into account. Therefore, the final project should be reflected on your page by contacting the relevant institutions affiliated with the Ministry regarding where it will pass.
4. As you indicated in your interest letter, the statements of our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications are correct; The speed of the high-speed train to reach Antalya will be between 160-250 km / h.
5. My personal opinion is that Antalya, hence the Antalya port, will be connected to the railway network without experiencing Isparta-Burdur polemic will have a positive effect on the economy of Antalya, Burdur and Isparta.
6. sure Turkey is a Burr yl two 45 km from the nearest to each other and Isparta is. Considering that the distance between Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Atatürk Airport in Istanbul is approximately 60 km, it will be understood how short the distance is.
7. Every day, hundreds of salaried employees travel between Isparta-Burdur, Burdur-Isparta. Large investments to be made in Isparta or Burdur will benefit both. For example, Süleyman Demirel Airport.
Prof.Dr.Mustafa KARAŞAHİN

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