Eskişehirspor fans will go to the cup final by 'high speed train'

Eskişehirspor fans will go to the cup final by 'high-speed train': TCDD General Directorate, for the final match to be played in Konya on May 7, 1 additional High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights to Eskişehir-Konya direction and 2 additional to Konya-Eskişehir direction. put the expedition.

In a statement from Eskişehirspor'un official web site, "TCDD, May 7 for Ziraat Turkey Cup final soccer match in Konya High Speed ​​Train expeditions to the direction of Eskisehir and Konya 1 additional, Konya, Eskisehir direction has put 2 additional time." It was said.

According to these additions, 7 May 2014 YHT expeditions occurred as follows:

Eskisehir and Konya

Eskisehir Departure: 08:00 - Konya Arrival: 10:00
Eskisehir Departure: 14:30 - Konya Arrival: 16:30
Eskisehir Departure: 16:00 - Konya Arrival: 18:00

Konya and Eskişehir

Departure from Konya: 09:35 - Eskisehir Arrival: 11:35
Departure from Konya: 18:55 - Eskisehir Arrival: 20:55
Departure from Konya: 23:00 - Eskisehir Arrival: 01:00
Departure from Konya: 23:30 - Eskisehir Arrival: 01:30


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