Great advantage of seaway and rail

Sea and rail great advantage: IMEAK DTO Izmir Branch President Yusuf Öztürk emphasized that approximately 88 of the world trade is done by sea by emphasizing that the sea transportation is the most expensive mode of transportation of the 92. drew attention to the move.
Ozturk underlined that% 7 of the cargoes were transported by sea and% 1 by rail. Ile The sea transportation has more advantages than other types of transportation. 3,5 floor compared to railway transportation, 7 times cheaper than road transportation. The other advantage is that, in particular, it is possible to transport large quantities of industrial raw materials from one point to another at a time. In addition to this, increasing cabotage transportation will ensure that products reach cheaper to the end user. However, despite all these positive features, the road is still preferred in transportation. Seaway and railway transportation need to be encouraged. Deniz

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