OMSAN will grow on sea and railway

OMSAN will grow on the sea and railways: OMSAN General Manager Küçükertan stated that they plan to increase the weight of the sea and rail transports in their portfolio in 2015, and said, “We will make private wagon investments for the sectors of ships, locomotives and customers”. The company's goals are to establish a regional office in Malatya.

OMSAN, one of the well-known companies in the logistics industry, announced 2015 as an investment year. The company, which also plans to increase its weight in the portfolio of maritime and railway transports, will make private wagon investments for the sectors of ships, locomotives and customers. OMSAN General Manager Osman Küçükertan stated that they plan to increase storage and vehicle stocking capacity, modernize warehouse equipment and complete data (information) technologies investments in 2015. Stating that they plan to increase the weight of the sea and rail transportations in the portfolio, Küçükertan said, “We aim to increase our wagon investments for ships, locomotives and customers' sectors by using the advantages of intermodal transportation.” Stating that they have determined their structuring goals by considering the regional dynamics, Küçükertan stated that they will establish a new regional directorate in Malatya. Küçükertan, who also evaluated 2014, said, “We have accomplished successful operations in both operational and financial areas in 10 months' time. We anticipate that we will easily achieve our year-end target. ”

Stating that they have established a new regional directorate in Gaziantep this year, Küçükertan stated that they have also expanded their Moroccan investments that they established last year. Küçükertan said, “In 2013, we established a vehicle park with a capacity of 45 on a 2-decare land in Morocco / Casablanca. We will also provide PDI service in this vehicle park. ” Stating that they also increased their technology investments, Küçükertan continued as follows: “We started to perform product separation processes that require intensive workmanship in warehouses with the 'Automatic Separation System' (Sorter) developed by OMSAN engineers. In the second phase of the project, we will increase the effectiveness of Sorter. ”

Working in various European countries, OMSAN received the "Silver Stevie" award in the category of Transport Company of the Year and the "Bronze Stevie" award in the Corporate Film category at the "International Business Awards", which is considered one of the most respected award organizations in the business world. In addition, the company was selected first in the international public voting in the transportation category and received the "People's Choice Stevie Award". kazanwas. OMSAN, which received full marks at all stages in the Safety Management System audits conducted by TOTAL Oil Turkey between all its suppliers between 23-24 October 2014, was evaluated as the 4th level, which is the highest confidence level.

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