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Train and railway station: The meticulously built station buildings, the entrance of the trains to the station or the floating of the winding mountains are always present in the scenes of the movies I can not forget. I remember the effect at the entrance of the train to the station, the meeting of lovers, the separation of these images, and sometimes I cried and cried, and sometimes I watched the meeting of glory and aesthetics with admiration.

My high school years, Germencik'ten train to Aydin and I have gone for years. When I got down from the Söke train, which was prepared and prepared in the morning prayer, I would admire the fact that the station had witnessed history. In those years, in which film I heard, I would say s black train does not come m'ola,. The treble of a train whistle always evokes mysterious emotions. One day my dream came true. My father said that all children will take us all to Zonguldak. Preparations were made. I started my train journey from Izmir to Ankara then Ankara.

Of course, the excitement of meeting a friend was good. But it was a different feeling to look out the window and leave the green, the living and the dead behind. I have never forgotten the children who shouted "newspaper, newspaper" while passing through the villages after Ankara. While passing through the mountains, sometimes over the tunnels, it was as if I was passing through the mountains that Ferhat could not pierce. Tunnels, humankind against nature kazanI always thought of it as a victory. It is the first time that an industrial invention of human beings can be so compatible with nature, that it integrates with nature with such little harm, that the risk of an accident is low, the conductor, the mechanic, the dispatcher, and even the delayed watch, the land train has always made the land train a white transportation vehicle in my heart.

Hilmi Bayindir and Fehmi Poyrazoglu in the 1966 for the station building and structure in the center of Aydın wrote: In the Republican era, 1893 was taken from the British company and participated in the FDI. The construction of the current Station structure was started in 1935 and completed and commissioned in 1951 The first manager was Hamdi YALIÇ. Our current gar manager is Mr. Sezai Uçkay. Şimd

In the 1800 years, with the commencement of the construction of İzmir-Aydın railway by the British, the railway adventure started in Anatolia. After that, rails were laid with Rumran, Anatolia, Baghdad and Hejaz. The history of the railroads that entered this land as an instrument of imperialism, with the Republic, became a symbol of independence, the roads that replaced the independence and railroads of the post-World War II, the fully depleted transportation policy, the lost lives, the dollars flowing into the oil companies. Our ancestors lived.

Train, railway, as one who has fallen into history in Istanbul, the splendor of Istanbul, with its place in history, the door opening to Anatolia known as Haydarpaşa 'ya would not go. I found myself in a building with hundreds of U-storey three-storey rooms, with the ceiling decorations, toll booths in the waiting room, and the safety of Haydarpaşa, which I wondered about inside and outside. After a few officials and supervisors who briefed me, I was directed to the brigade. I have learned that this section is part of the hall that reflects the architectural features of the Haydarpaşa Gar Building for the residence of Italian stone masters. I was one of the original door and window frames, furniture decorated with animal figures, ceiling decorations in the room of the assistant general manager and one of the lucky people who saw the unique view without being destroyed.

Haydarpasa's story is too long. The basis of this place I visited for hours is 11 mart 1872. Wood and double. 1894 was destroyed in the earthquake.

Sultan Abdülhamid in 1906 said, e I had built a railway station in the country and the steel rails were in Haydarpaşa. It's still unclear if I made a harbor with big buildings. Give me a building where those rails reach the sea, so that when my people look, you should get out of here and say they should go to Mecca. Bana

The building has been designed by two German architects, Otto Ritter and Helmuth Conu, in the form of a mansion station that sits on wooden piles that crash into the sea. In the same year, the victims were cut, prayers were read, the locomotives at the station stole their whistles, and all Istanbulites heard about it. KadıköyThe hearts of the boys have brought them to their mouths. The construction of the Haydarpaşa station building, which stands still today with all its beauty, started with its splendor when it was finished. Italian and Turkish stone masters worked in the construction. What is thatrönesans The facade of the effective station building is made of yellow-green Lefke (Osmaneli) stone. Crowning the building with a clock, they gave it a more characteristic feature.

Passengers enter the doors of the fairy tale ... arches, arches in the arches welcomes you. Pencil work on the ceiling and arch circles made of ornaments.

This building, whose construction was started by aiming to be the starting point of Istanbul's Baghdad railway line, was completed in two years. One of the pashas in the service of Selim was named after Haydar Pasha.

I can't pass without writing, the disasters never let go of the Haydarpasa railway station.

As a result of the explosion of ammunition to be sent to the Syrian front during the years of the First World War, a train full of soldiers lost their lives. The identities of the soldiers who lost their lives were hidden by order of the Sultan. Haydarpasa Train Station, which also serves as a gun store, paid a heavy price for this. The roof was burned out due to the sabotage in 1917. He took a lot of damage. A piece of shrapnel was left on the roof in the 1930 years. But in the 2000 roof restoration, this shrapnel piece has been removed, thrown. After a while the wounds wrapped.

1918 has been attacked by British fighter planes. 1919 has remained in the British occupation until 1923.

15 When the Romanian tanker on the date of November 1979 exploded, the glass and stained-glass windows were broken. The last one is still in the memory of the remaining sabotage, neglect, accident, what we call the event;

28 on November 2010 The roof on the roof during the insulation of the roof burned completely in the fire. The walls were destroyed by the fire brigade's use of sea water.

Let us today; Haydarpaşa, which has undergone various restorations, has such a beautiful architecture that it cannot pass without looking at the sea travelers, especially between the two sides (Europe and Asia). Extremely charming and impressive. So what's going on in Haydarpaşa?

I met with Haydarpaşa volunteer group, who thought that Haydarpaşa Station would be removed from the garage under the name of 2020 Olympics and that it would be used for different purposes and turned into a hotel. They are gathering in front of Haydarpaşa with the action of HAYDARPAŞA NOT OWNERSHIP every week in order to show their sensibilities and to announce their voices. If I come from Aydın, my awareness of preserving our historical works is the same everywhere. In the name of the modern city ”the destruction of our history, creates the society that does not know the original in the future. Imiz

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