Niğde Logistics Center Project

Niğde Logistics Center Project: Realization of the AK Party Niğde Deputy Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu, 250 an area of ​​acres of railways to be used in the loading and transport of the Logistic Village Project began to be implemented, he said. [more…]

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Get this train to Bursa

Let this train come to Bursa quickly. It was a phobia from my childhood. For me, 'train journeys'. I vaguely remember the old times, but those loud noises on black train journeys had created a serious train phobia in me. [more…]


Rail system investments will be exempt from VAT

Rail system investments will be exempt from VAT, and rail system investments to be made within the scope of 2023 targets will be exempt from VAT. Municipalities will also benefit from the incentive The government will exempt from VAT for rail system infrastructure works within the scope of 2023 projects. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursan's ropeway survey is leading green-white

Green-white goes ahead in bursa's cable car survey Green-white colors go ahead in the survey launched by the Metropolitan Municipality for the color of new cable car cabins on the internet. But especially the color of silkworm tram, which is the color of pomegranate in the general public [more…]


Sanliurfa Metrobus tender is finally being made

Şanlıurfa metrobus tender is finally made The metrobus tender, which was announced by SANLIURFA.COM, is finally being held. The Metrobus tender, whose specification has been prepared, will be held on 20 June. Tender for 8 metrobuses that can run on both electricity and diesel [more…]

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The Project of Marmaray

Project of the Century Marmaray route: You can review the news for the route of the Marmaray project, which was started in 2004 and is planned to be opened on October 29, 2013. Here is the Marmaray route… Bosphorus Bridge and FSM Bridge [more…]