Unkapanı Bridge is closed to traffic

Unkapanı Bridge is completely closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The middle section of the bridge was separated and passage was not allowed. Despite the ban of the Governorship of Istanbul, to Taksim Square for May Day celebrations [more…]


Railways Free

Railways now free ANKARA published in Official Gazette enacted "Law on the liberalization of Turkey Railway Transport" with TCDD, the amendments to the existing legal status of the railway infrastructure operator [more…]


Private Train Rental (Video)

in collaboration with the NIH TCDD Special Train Hire, upcoming Turkey - Netherlands Diplomatic Relations Between 400 train you for the project you are planning for Year celebrations [more…]

34 Istanbul

No exit to Taksim!

There is no exit to Taksim! : The ban on May Day celebration in Istanbul Taksim has become definite. The ring roads were closed. Metrobus, ferry, motor, water bus services were canceled. Some subway [more…]


Cankurtan Tunnel Works

Artvin Governor Necmettin Kalkan said that the 690-meter section of the Cankurtaran Tunnel, which is under construction at the Cankurtaran site at 8 altitude on the Hopa-Artvin highway route, has been completed. Governor [more…]


Between Darıca and Gebze

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality hits scalpels to the points that have transportation problems in the city. Aşıroğlu Street, which is connected to the D-100 side road in Darıca, will be connected to Gebze Ankara Street by a tunnel junction. On D-100 [more…]


60 will be a thousand tons bridge

The 480-meter-long Kantar bridge, which was constructed by ACS and Diyar A.Ş., will be completed in 565 days. The bridge, which weighs 60 thousand tons, will have a total of 11 feet on the Tigris. [more…]