Map of TCDD Regional Offices
03 Afyonkarahisar

Railway Lengths by Provinces

Railway lengths by provinces: According to the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) data, which provinces do you think lead the way in terms of railway length? Here is the answer… 2012 TCDD data shows the railway lengths passing through the provincial borders. [more…]


Antakya Ropeway Project to be launched in June

Antakya Ropeway Project, which is the cradle of CIVILIZATIONS that will be put into service in June, is planned for the development of tourism in Antakya, and the Ropeway Project between Habibi Neccar Mountain and Iplik Pazari will be completed and put into service in June. Antioch [more…]


Fast train challenge to Samsuna

Struggle for high-speed train for Samsun TümSamBir decided to initiate effective lobbying in bureaucracy and political circles in order to bring high-speed trains to Samsun. Union Chairman Kozal said, “We have three elections ahead of us. Who owns our project [more…]

31 Hatay

Antakya Ropeway Project ready for June

Antakya Ropeway Project Ready for June Civilization is the cradle of Antakya, which is planned for the development of tourism, Habibi Neccar Mountain and Yarn Bazaar Project will be completed in June and will be put into service. Antakya Municipality [more…]


Theft at TÜVASAŞ

Theft at TÜVASAŞ Three suspects who allegedly stole expensive copper materials from the factory of Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) in Sakarya were caught red-handed. It was determined that the suspects stole 3 pieces of material with a market value of 150 lira. [more…]