16 Bursa

Tram Horror in Bursa

The horrors of tramway in Bursa A woman in Bursa was seriously injured by being trapped under the tram that her bag was attached to. The first intervention to the old woman was made by a physiotherapist at the scene. Event, the tram dragged the old woman 5 meter clock [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus special complaint site established

A special complaint site for Metrobus has been established. Among the dozens of reactions written on the established website, there is the most experienced about getting on the metrobus. The metrobus, which is offered as an alternative solution to transportation in Istanbul, is the most efficient way of public transportation. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Construction of the Haliç Metro Bridge Project

The Rough Construction of the Haliç Metro Bridge Project Will Be Completed by the End of May The Haliç Metro Bridge project has come to an end. The rough construction of the bridge will be completed at the end of May, and the first trip will be made on 29 October. Halic Metro Bridge [more…]