45 billion dollar investment from TCDD

45 billion dollar investment from TCDD
Railway system; a cost-effective, long-life, non-petroleum-friendly system. xnumx't to Turkey's railways is expected to be among the world's first 2023 country.

According to this, the share of rail will be increased by 10 in passenger transports and by 15 in freight transportation.


The railways, which are safer compared to highways and air transportation, also reduce the amount of CO2 released into the environment by entering the environmentally sensitive High Speed ​​Train period. In addition to being safe, the railways, which stand out with their environmental factors, provide a great advantage in terms of economy. For example, only the Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights from the bus and automobiles withdrawn from the traffic annually 15,1 thousand tons of CO2 is protected from the environment. The monetary equivalent of this is equal to the 1.570.400 dollar. Another advantage of the railway according to the airline is the access to the airport when it is going, the time of departure from the airport after the arrival and the long waiting time of the aircraft. On the other hand, airports are transported out of the city due to noise and pollution, while high-speed train stations are usually built into city centers.

In freight transportation; The 44 truck can be transported using the 750 truck, with less carbon emissions and less fuel. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who serves in the areas of passenger and cargo transportation, port and ferry operations; he explained the railroads' services from the past to the present and the 2023 vision:

Can you tell us about the structure of TCDD?

16.188 personnel (972 permanent + 15.146 contracted), 11.669 worker (11.026 permanent + 643 temporary) are employed in TCDD for a total of 27.787 people. Our contribution to GNP was about 2002 million TL from 2011 to 2.708. We currently have a total of 11.120 km main lines, including 888 km conventional, 12.008 km.de High Speed ​​Train line.

What areas does TCDD do?

ANAHAT PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION: We make international trains to Intercity and European / Middle Eastern countries. Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) railway construction work with the Zonguldak-Karabük Line rehabilitation work due to the 62 train was removed from the expedition. Therefore, the number of 2003 millions of 27.3 2012 9 19.9 XNUMX million by the end of the year with the loss of million XNUMX million took place.

TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION: In Ankara, between Sincan and Kayaş, in Istanbul, Haydarpaşa-Gebze and Sirkeci-Halkalı commuter trains run. Also in Izmir, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and 50 2003 partner is a suburban operation between Izmir and Aliaga-Cumaovası. 49.5 2012 101 XNUMX XNUMX million by the end of the year, including the XNUMX million reached XNUMX.

YHT PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION: 23 March 2009, Ankara-Eskişehir between 24 2011 8 on the date of High-Speed ​​Train management began. YHT service, which started with 20 voyages on a day-by-day basis, has reached the daily 16 expedition between Ankara-Eskişehir and the daily 36 and Ankara-Konya daily 7.3. Until today; 2.1 Million Ankara-Eskişehir, 9.4 Million Ankara-Konya, the number of passengers traveling with HRCs reached 23 Million. Starting from 356 March, YHT flights started between Eskişehir and Konya. HRCs have the capacity to carry 55 passengers in total, including 411 person economy, XNUMX person business at a time.

CARGO TRANSPORTATION; Since the beginning of 2004 in this area, block train operation has been started. As a result, the amount of freight transported was increased, and transportation times were shortened. 135 units, which increase the customer satisfaction as well as the transportation costs, increase the customer satisfaction.


Could you give us information about the areas where you are operating port?

The operating rights of the ports of Mersin, Bandırma, Samsun and İskenderun belonging to TCDD were transferred by the Privatization Administration. Currently, Haydarpaşa, İzmir and Derince Ports are operated by our Company.

Ferry management: Van Lake between Tatvan-Van 4 ferry wagons, vehicles, passengers and freight transport is done. 8 ferries can be transported with 11 and 4 with two other 170.


How many routes, how many trains, how many flights are made?

Suburb; Between the days of Haydarpaşa-Pendik 176, between the Sirkeci -Yedikule 142 expedition between the days, Aliaga-Friday, 195 between the day is run a suburban train 513 units.

In outline; 44 with 43 link to the railway point 240 pieces daily to the different points, Istanbul-Bucharest every day between, Edirne-Villach (April-November period), between the Middle East 1 days a week Ankara-Tehran, Van-Tabriz one day a week 3 provide international passenger transport service by 6 train to different point.


Load; International block freight trains started to be operated in Europe, Central Asian Turkish Republics and Middle East countries within the framework of agreements made with different countries in order to increase the volume of foreign trade and to increase the share of railway transportation within the transportation sector. In West from Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, East; Iran, Syria and Iraq; There are block trains to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan in Central Asia. In this context, we are running a daily 14 international block freight train

Can you tell us about the point reached in comfortable and modern travel services?

In order to provide a faster and more comfortable service to our passengers especially in short and medium distance transportation, to reduce our operating cost and to increase our share in passenger transportation, within the scope of the project to rejuvenate our vehicle fleet with the new Diesel Train Sets (DMU). , 12 pieces DMU train sets were provided with sliding boards, vacuum cabinets, music and visual broadcasting system and sections arranged for disabled passengers. These sets are used in Adana-Mersin, İzmir-Tire-Nazilli, Eskişehir-Kütahya and Konya-Karaman tracks.


TCDD also provides Call Center service for the development of services provided by 444 82 33 Special Service Number. In addition, we sell tickets with computer in all workplaces with high sales volume.

Can you tell us about TCDD's future projections and investments?

Until the year 2023 14 years 350 billion dollars to be made to the transport sector investment will be allocated to 45 billion of railways. In this context, we can list some of the 2023 targets of our railways as follows: Restructuring of Turkish railway to reduce service losses and increase the quality of the competition by creating a competitive environment. Renew the existing lines, complete the signalization, electrification. Prioritize the high-speed rail network and end the 10 thousand km core network. To develop the conventional railway network and to make 4 thousand km line, to reach 2023 thousand by 26. To establish özel Global Logistics Centers “in cooperation with the planned logistics centers. Organize industrial zones and connect major production centers to the main railway network by connecting lines.

To increase the rail share in 10 and 15 for passenger transportation. Up to 2035 to increase the total rail network to 28.376 km.

Can you tell us about the project of converting suburban lines to surface subway?

With the launch of Marmaray management within the scope of the Marmaray Project, which aims to bring a permanent solution to Istanbul's urban transportation problem with public transportation, Gebze - Halkalı 2-10 will be carried out once in a minute and will be carried around 1 million passengers per day.

What do you think the recent train accidents in the past years have almost decreased to almost zero?

The modernization of towing and towing vehicles by existing railway lines significantly reduced the incidents that occurred as a result of the train collision. In 2008; 104 xNUMX 2012 32 16 4 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX pieces of train crash XNUMX'e regressed.


The biggest change in passenger transport was in 2009 with the transition to High Speed ​​Train. High-speed trains have so far had the privilege of traveling around 9.5 million passengers.


Can you give information about Istanbul-Izmir and Istanbul -Ankara high speed train projects?

The construction of the first High Speed ​​Train Project of our country started in Ankara-Istanbul Line. 533 March 13 was launched in Ankara-Eskişehir stage of this total line of 2009 km. We aim to open the Eskişehir-İstanbul stage of the line by the end of this year. The Gebze-Haydarpaşa section of the project is being constructed under the Marmaray Project. When this line opened Turkey's capital will fall the 3 hours of travel time between Ankara and Turkey's largest city of Istanbul, it will be moved 10,5 million passengers per year.

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