In Bozüyük the railroad problem is solved by overpasses

Bozüyük for many years has become a big problem for vehicle and pedestrian traffic and passing through the middle of the city problem is solved by the overpass built

The first of the 3 overpasses to be realized as a result of the intensive initiatives of Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı and AK Party Bilecik Deputy Halil Eldemir's work in Ankara continues on Yeşilkent Boulevard. After the tender made by the General Manager of TCDD, the railway flyover Bozüyük, whose construction has begun rapidly, will largely eliminate the traffic problem. Continue in various areas Bozüyük investments made by the Government, which is one of Turkey's most important industrial city in the Bozüyük logistics continues to evolve and grow.

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