How to realize the dream of Şanlıurfa Rail System

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How to realize the dream of Şanlıurfa Rail System
It is stated that the cost of the rail system considered on the Osmanbey Campus will cost approximately 450 million TL. Şanlıurfa Municipality of Turkey's most indebted municipalities located at the "Rail" project will examine how life?

Having made a press statement about the rail system, which has been constantly mentioned recently, the heads of the Association of Private Public Buses stated that the cost of the 20 km rail system is as high as 450 million TL.
This project is a high cost project. Our city, where land prices compete with metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, is the lowest cost per km and based on the figures in Gaziantep province, the rail system cost of the 20 km osmanbey campus is 450 million TL.
This project is supposed to be a major funding source for this moment Turkey's most indebted municipality in which the municipality is located in Sanliurfa for how and where to implement will provide you with what. Another problem is, “If the item included in the 9th development plan, the rail system projects, alternative public transportation systems are insufficient, the item envisaged for the system to be put into operation will be planned in the corridors where the peak hour travel demand for the year is expected to be at least 15 thousand passengers in one direction. ”Article.
In order to allow this investment, the hourly passenger demand on the route, which is thought to be installed on the rail system, should be 15 thousand in total. However, the total population of Osmanbey Campus, which is planned to establish the rail system, is 15 thousand. In the near term, a significant increase in the population of this campus is unthinkable. Because, along the 20 km road, there is no zoning permission in the areas above and below the road.
On the weekends of Osmanbey route, passenger transport requests are reduced by% 80. In addition, the 3 monthly summer holiday is added to this period, in total 5 is a long period of time, such as monthly.
For years, the rail system project is constantly on the agenda, but the project is not under construction. The idea of ​​a rail system has nothing to do with reality.
In 2020. According to Turkstat, Turkey's largest 5.şehr are expected to be ilimiz cities planned for the next 20-year plan perspective satellite cities TOKI We can say, Karaköprü, Osmanbey and these regions with urban renewal and planning which will be established in the region Yenice will connect the "Rail" It should be planned.

The answer to the question of whether economic policy will work on a question asked to the famous economist Keynes said, "These policies will benefit us in the short term, we will all be dead in the long run."
We have listed the things to be done in the long term above. However, when we started the question of what to do now from Osman Bey Campus, the most important problem is the TOKİ-Osman Bey direct line, Karaköprü-Osman bey direct line, Eyyübiye-Osman bey lines are inactive.
While public transportation was in the private sector, 4 vehicles would operate on each of these lines. These lines were eliminated after passing these vehicles to Belsan A.Ş. These lines are the lines created to go to Osmanbey with a single payment.
In each of his speeches, we would like to ask if our rector who brought the rail system to the 10 year after year has made a request to the municipality for these lines?
Belsan A.Ş does not run buses on these lines because it operates on earning money, not on service logic. We made several press releases on this subject, but no one listened.
As a result, the Municipality of Fakıbaba has brought public transportation to its face, and we are in a chaos environment with a loss of 24 million TL in a period of 40 months and a loss of 2 million TL per month.
Last month, tradesmen and members of the 200 solution to solve the problems of the solution to the municipality was rejected without even a negotiation. This chaos will continue until the next metropolitan municipality will arrive in the next 10 month.

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