ÖYK'dan TCDD'nin approval of the sale of land

ÖYK'dan TCDD'nin approval of the sale of land
The Privatization High Council (ÖYK) approved the sale of immovable properties in Istanbul / Başakşehir, registered in the name of TCDD, and in Aydın, Erzurum, Mardin and Tunceli, registered in the Treasury of Finance.

According to the decisions of the ÖYK published in the current issue of the Official Gazette, the immovable property on the parcel 281, parcel 1, in Kiremitçiler District of Edirne, which is owned by the Treasury, was included in the scope and program.

The sale of the immovable through the sale method and the sale of the asset through the sale of assets, until the completion of the privatization process of all kinds of maintenance, repair and operation of the said immovable and all kinds of obligations arising from this immovable property to be released to the Treasury of the Treasury, the privatization process to be completed within the year 2 It was decided.

PHC, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Enterprise Directorate General on behalf while enrolled, 201 in the privatization scope and the Esenyurt district of Istanbul received the program Hoşdere village island in 1 parcel immovable 3 million 300 thousand pounds a cost of offering the highest bid Jamal Bilgingüllüoğlu the tender specifications The decision to be sold within the framework of was approved. Within the framework of the decision, the administration was authorized to sign the sales contract and fulfill the decision requirements.

The Board, Nihat, which has the highest bids for the real estate located on the 735 island 2 parcel of Davutlar town of Aydın, Kuşadası district of Aydın, registered on behalf of the Treasury, with the price of 3 million 10 thousand TL for the real estate located on 2217 island 1 parcel in Didim District. He decided to be sold to Soylu.

Istanbul Halıcılık Tekstil ve Gıda Pazarlama Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti., Which has the highest bid of 250 million 40 thousand liras, of immovable properties located on the parcels 69-14-201 in the Yakutiye district of Erzurum, Erzurum. Approved to be sold to Şti., ÖYK, the central district of Mardin, Nur Mahallesi, Maba Gıda Tarım Livestock Petrol İnşaat Import Export Industry and Trade Ltd., which made the highest offer for the real estate located on 1064 island 1 parcel. Ltd. Şti., The decisions regarding the sale of the real estate in Atatürk Mahallesi, the central district of Tunceli, to Özgür Demir, who made the highest offer at a price of 2 million 1 thousand TL, were approved.

The ÖYK decided to authorize the PA on the signing of sales contracts and fulfilling the decision requirements within the framework of the decisions.

Günceleme: 27/11/2018 16:44

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