Signing campaign for Antalya high speed train project

📩 27/11/2018 16:27

Signing campaign for Antalya high speed train project
Our Republic 100. 2016 will be the province of 15 in 2023, and Antalya will be included in the YHT network in XNUMX.
Antalya 2016 will host one of the biggest organizations in the world, Botanical Expo. The Botanical EXPO is considered to be the largest international organization after the Olympics, the World Football Championship and the Universal EXPO. "Flowers and Children" themed "2016 Antalya Expo", Turkey is the largest international organizations have taken in.

Other countries have carried out this organization by taking 8-10 for the big infrastructure projects for EXPO. We would like to see 2016 for the 7 EXPO Antalya organization.

Turkey has the strength to do this project forward and will accelerate.

Antalya will be connected to Europe, Istanbul, Ankara and Anatolia with YHT network, and the demand created by EXPO will shorten the return period of the project. In addition, this line will serve the provinces of Burdur and Isparta and will contribute to the development of the Western Mediterranean region.

On the other hand only to connect to Anatolia with Antalya Expo is expected to arrive to 8 million visitors each year, as well as from the 11 2 million million foreign and domestic tourists will enrich all of Turkey's high-speed train line. Therefore, the project is all Turkey's Antalya YHT project.

I agree with the call orum Come to EXPO with High Speed ​​Train X and I am obliged to raise the Antalya YHT Project to 2016 EXPO.

To join the campaign to Antalya speed train project was prepared with the title of the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry CLICK HERE

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