Arab tourists open summer season in Uludag without cable car

Arab tourists open summer season in Uludag without cable car
Summer season, which began in Uludag attractions of Arab tourists coming to Turkey. Open hotels and facilities providing daily services in the square are waiting for their customers. However, in Bursa, which is launched as the most important tourism center in Arab countries, there is not an official in Arabic who speaks Arabic.
In the summer, the biggest interest in Uludağ is meat barbecue facilities, atv car rentals and chairlift companies. Tourists traveling to Uludağ with Arabian plate vehicles complain about not having enough daily use. Arabs, who are looking for a meat barbecue facility in the hotels region, ask Turkish citizens who go to Uludag to eat. Due to the absence of a cable car, there is no official officer to guide Arab tourists on the mountain with their rental cars or their own cars this year.
The fact that there are no officials who can guide Arab tourists in the square in the Hotels Region suggests that there are not enough infrastructure and service organizations in the Arab destination project. It is noteworthy that there are no new studies for Arab tourism in Uludağ where even tradesmen waiting for customers hang arabic plates. The biggest service to the Arabs is the minibuses and taxi drivers who bring passengers from Bursa. It is up to the minibuses and taxi drivers to give information to the Arabs who do not neglect to go to the region where there is snow and play snowballs. Even the allocation of a language-speaking guide to the Arabs for large groups can make a significant difference in the impression of guests regarding Bursa. Even the Forestry 2nd Regional Directorate, which does not forget to raise the entrance fees to the Uludağ National Park, does not have an office brochure explaining the Arabic national park.

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