Kbü students will be transported by train from the city

Kbü students will be transported by train from the city
Karabük University (KBU) Rector Prof.Dr.Burhanettin Uysal said that they are on the way to becoming a Valley of Rail Systems and in this context, between the city and the university, the rail system has been established.

Rector Uysal, has announced a first field trial and university campuses than making cities with rail system will be established for educational purposes by students will travel approximately 3 kilometers by train between chapters in cities and campuses in Turkey.

KBU Rector Prof.Dr. Burhanettin Uysal said Turkey's first Rail Systems Engineering Department had opened the Karabük. Turkey's sole Rail explaining Engineering is located at Karabük University Uysal, he said: "This is our students' education and also the realization of transport between the hometown university in order and also of all the experiments you can do about the rail of the Institute Demircelik in kbui system of national order in our universities there was a need for a railroad integrated with the network. We specified this need and contacted the State Railways. Thanks to KARDEMİR AŞ, it has committed itself to give the rails from the city to the inside of the university. Rail fasteners and consumables will meet at Ddy. The infrastructure company, which renews the existing railway that reaches Zonguldak - Irmak - Ankara, will also carry out the laying of the rails from the city to the inside of our university. Our dear mayor is about this

It made a very important contribution to our university in expropriation. Maybe only one project continues in this way in our country. Our project is now at its final stage. I thank everyone who contributed. Karabuk University will be stronger from now on. The rails that have been laid will be used for educational purposes, for transportation purposes and for the experiments we will use. It will be a multi-purpose use. "

Uysal stated that they brought Dentistry to the university as the 13th faculty and continued his words as follows: “Our 13th faculty waiting at YÖK was Dentistry and the decision of opening a Faculty of Dentistry to Karabük University in the General Assembly of Higher Education was made and sent to the Ministry of National Education. . Hopefully, we will bring the Faculty of Dentistry to our university in a short time and thus the number of faculties of KBU will increase to 13. I would like to especially thank Mehmet Ali Şahin, who contributed to the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry. It helps us a lot in keeping track of our business. "


This year will celebrate the year of 6 and the first engineers will be happy to graduate

Rector Uysal stated that they lived and said: “This year we opened the Vocational School of Justice as a new vocational school. We will start our Justice Vocational School with 200 students, both day and night. Turkey's first Medical Engineering and Transportation Engineering will begin the night-time education, including admission to students. This year KBU makes its expansion in the field of health. We opened dozens of new departments to the Health Services Vocational School and we will accept students there. There will be a certain increase in our increase in the number of students compared to the previous years. Last year, 236 thousand 163 students chose KBU and we were only able to admit 8 thousand of them to our university. Hopefully, we will register about 2013 thousand students in the 2014-10 academic year. Thus, the number of our students will be around 30 thousand in the new term. Our current number of students

It is 22 thousand 300. When the university was first established, we laid out our strategy plans and drew our own roadmap on where the university should go. These were not dreams and we planned it all. Of course, taking the first step was difficult and after the first step came easy. It was not difficult to achieve this in the city of Karabuk. The fact that most of our buildings are made by philanthropists has contributed greatly to our success. This is a university established in the hearts of the people of Karabük. As not every sapling grows everywhere, this success could not be achieved if Karabük University was located elsewhere. The people and administrators of Karabük are the basis of this success.


Rector Burhanettin Uysal, who explained that Karabük University, which was established in 2007 and opened to education, will enter its 29th year on May 6, completed his words as follows: “I hope that our 29th year, which we will celebrate on May 6, will have many guests from abroad. It will contribute to the festivals of our university. I hope we will graduate this year with the development of KBU, one of the most important institutions of our city, and our first enrolled students. This year it is very important for us to graduate our first engineers.

As a surprise artist, we would like all our people to be at universities in this happy day as Rafet El Roman will be with us.

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