Rain problem at Demirköprü İZBAN station

Rain problem at Demirköprü İZBAN station
As you walk out of the station's escalators, it is raining on you, and as you can see in the photo, the waiting area is not closed since the station is opened, leaving the waiting area of ​​the station in the rain. The lack of any work on this situation is also thought provoking. Even if people fall into the lost rails, the accident is not even internal. We ask the authorities to do what is necessary and close these parts of the station.




    1. Although the problem in Demirkopru station is known, it is very sad that it has not been done until today, it is very thought-provoking, if the spoken is true, I will only say this: I curse the authorities who are wronged, eating, greasy, dishonorable….