Rain paralyzed life in Edirne

Due to the downpour, puddles formed on some streets and streets. Some citizens, who were caught unprepared for the rain, waited under the shop tarps to protect them from rain. Tradesman in front of the workplace [more…]


Bed Train

Sleeper Train Sleeper train, more precisely with its discourse until October 2013; sleeping car is a nice alternative transportation service for long trips that TCDD has been providing for years. in Turkey [more…]

35 Izmir

High speed train between Denizli and Izmir

High-speed train will start operating between Denizli and Izmir Minister Yıldırım, answering the questions of journalists at the Denizli Chamber of Commerce, mentioned that they have also renewed the Denizli-Izmir line, and the distance between the two cities is 7 [more…]


National signaling to railways

Railways to the national signaling Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), TUBITAK-BİLGEM and developed in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University National Railway Signaling has reached the end of the system. Adapazarı Mithatpaşa Station commissioned [more…]

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