TCDD Stores Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers of TCDD Stations: In this article, you can find TCDD's reservation and consultation phones. Train travel is a culture. TCDD General Directorate has recently carried out important studies to ensure that the trains are well maintained and clean. [more…]

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Haydarpasa Station History (Special Report)

History of Haydarpaşa Station: Istanbul's gateway to Anatolia, the starting point of the historical Anatolian-Baghdad and Hejaz railways, Haydarpaşa Station was put into service on September 22, 1872, with the start of the Haydarpaşa-Pendik line. The old building of Haydarpaşa Train Station, [more…]

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Marmaray File (Special News)

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has started improvement works on the train lines to be converted into surface metro within the scope of the "Project of the Century" Marmaray, which connects the Asian and European continents under the sea, which is planned to be put into service on October 29. Studies [more…]


TCDD prepares for Transport Council

TCDD made preparations for the Transportation Council: 11. Transportation, Maritime and Communications Council preparatory meeting, 22 February 2013'da TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall was held. Karaman: “Shura, the global player of the Turkish railway sector [more…]

Haydarpasa Gari should be open to use with all its functions.
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Haydarpaşa Train Station Will Not Be A Hotel

Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım: Haydarpaşa Train Station, the station will continue to be open to the public, not a hotel. In the new process, including the public offering option, the Privatization Administration will also start working.” Minister [more…]


11. Transport meeting was held

Preparatory meeting for transportation, transportation, maritime and communication council ”preparatory meeting was held in 22 February 2013 TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall. Karaman: “Shura, the process of becoming a global player of the Turkish railway sector [more…]

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Boluya High Speed ​​Train

Boluya High Speed ​​​​Train Pile According to the latest local newspaper news, there is Bolu-Mudurnu on the high-speed train route, but it is stated that it will not stop in Bolu and Mudurnu. I'm very curious, how many piles were thrown in this Bolu? of power [more…]