Concrete Mixer Rolled Down by Concrete Mixer

Concrete Sound Curtain Overturned by Concrete Mixer Fell on Train: İzmir's Karşıyaka In the district, the concrete mixer hit the concrete sound curtain of the İZBAN suburban train line, material damage occurred in the train in the accident.

The accident occurred yesterday evening near the Nergiz Station İZBAN. The 34 EA 1473 plate-drive concrete mixer has been maneuvered to the concrete pitch of the train line during the maneuver. The sound curtain from the concrete fell on the İZBAN train passing through the line. Passengers after the accident experienced great panic, material damage occurred in the train. The accident did not happen by chance. Passengers on the train that were damaged were controlled in a controlled manner. After removing the concrete sound curtain from the rails, the voyages returned to normal.

Stating that he saw the accident from the balcony of his house, Fikret Sağlam said, “While the concrete mixer was maneuvering on the street, it hit the concrete block of the train line. "It has returned from the brink of a great disaster." Meanwhile, citizens shared photos of the accident on social media. An investigation into the accident has been initiated.

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