D-100 coming out of 3 lane in 4 lane

The demolition work of the Talatpaşa Bridge, located between Kağıthane and Şişli on the D-100 Highway, continues. Due to the works, the D-100 highway between Okmeydanı and Çağlayan was closed to traffic between 00.00 and 06.00 in the south direction (Mecidiyeköy direction). The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

68 Aksaray

President Paltadan cable car gospel

Aksaray Mayor Nevzat Palta said that there will be a ropeway between Kilicarslan Park and Cruising Terrace. President Palta said that the ropeway system was raised to the tender and that they decided this project last year but they gave up because they had a high cost. [more…]


The Victory In Transportation Has Been Made By The Minibus | Samsun

The Victory of the Minibus Brokers in Transportation The route of the minibuses operating on the same route with the rail system, which was put into service by SAMSUN Metropolitan Municipality in 2010, was changed by the municipality. The minibuses then filed a lawsuit with the Regional Administrative Court. If the administrative court is on rail [more…]

06 Ankara

High Speed ​​Train stops at Izmit

High Speed ​​Train Izmit will stop at Izmit railway and steam locomotive 50 1873 year after the use of the Haydarpasa-Izmit railway was introduced into service. In the 140 year, TCDD took significant distance in comfort and speed. Izmit intercity railway crossing at 2002 [more…]

24 Erzincan

World Mountain Skiing Championship Started in Erzincan

Erkan Mountain Ski carried out for the first time the International Championship in Turkey, Transport, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kilic Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister Abdurrahman began with the recipient's contributions. Snowfall and [more…]

34 Istanbul

Beyoğlu saw nostalgic tramway Gangnam (Video)

Beyoğlu also saw the tram Gangnam Style, its storm blew on the tram, the symbol of Istanbul Taksim… South Korean singer Park Jae-Sang (PSY), who swept the world with Gangnam Style, will give a concert in Istanbul tonight. Nostalgic in Beyoğlu before the concert [more…]

34 Istanbul

Hotels near Taksim Metro Station

Close to Taksim Metro Station One of the most important transportation points of Istanbul is Taksim Metro Station. Taksim Metro Station, which is one of the stops of M2 line of Istanbul Metro, provides ease of access to thousands of people during the day. Four entrances to Istanbul Taksim Metro [more…]

16 Bursa

Elmas Logistics has established a new center in 3.2 million euros in Bursa

Elmas Lojistik established a new center in Bursa for 3.2 million Euros. Elmas Logistics increased its target with the Necdet Elmasoğlu Logistics Center, which it established with an investment of 3.2 million Euros in Kemalpaşa. Elmas Logistics is the target with Necdet Elmasoğlu Logistics Center, which was established in Kemalpaşa with an investment of 3.2 million Euros. [more…]

High speed train
07 Antalya

When will Antalya High Speed ​​Train arrive?

When will the high speed train come to Antalya? Republic of Turkey People's Party (CHP) Antalya Deputy Att. Gürkut Acar once again brought Antalya's long-standing railway expectation to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Acar, “Drink Antalya, the port city [more…]


Renovation of historic wagons (Photo Gallery)

Renovation of historic wagons Since 1869, LEGIOS company has been refurbishing all kinds of historical locomotives at its specialized facility in České Velenice. How the company management developed a technical and historical phenomenon with the end of steam locomotives in the last century. [more…]

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