13 Bitlis

Ski Training for Students

Bitlis' Tatvan District Governorate provides ski lessons at Nemrut Ski Center for successful students who are not financially good. Tatvan District Governor Murat who follows the ski lessons on the spot [more…]

gebze halkali marmaray line stall list and fee
34 Istanbul

Project of Post-Marmaray Istanbul

The Project of the Century After the Marmaray, the countdown has started for the day of the opening of Marmaray, which is accepted as the Istanbul Century's engineering project. Mountains, plains, streams, hilly terrain with steep slopes [more…]


Fast Train to Samsun

Does Samsuna High Speed ​​Train Arrive? The year 2035 will be an important date for Samsun, I think. I don't know if I see it or not. Yüce Mevla so long life for me [more…]