Minibus Entered Metrobus Way

mobese images denied the news that metrobuses had not passed in minutes
mobese images denied the news that metrobuses had not passed in minutes

D-100 Minibus, which is out of control in the Bahçelievler Ömür road, entered the road of BRT. The minibus overflowing the barrier hit the metrobus in sight. 3 people injured in the accident in the minibus, metrobüste minor material damage occurred. Due to the accident, BRT voyages continued for about half an hour on one lane.

The accident occurred at 100 ranks on the D-07.30 Roadway Safety ramp. Hüseyin Özmen, who was on the way to Avcılar with his shuttle van, allegedly lost his dominance when he reached the Ömür ramp. Out of control, the minibus broke through steel barriers and entered the BRT bus. The van in the metropolitan driving track turned into scrap.

While the new movement from the İncirli station and the non-speedy metrobatic property damage was small, the driver of the minibus, Hüseyin Özmen, was wounded with 3. The wounded were taken to the hospital with ambulances from the scene. It was learned that the survivors were not in danger of their life-threatening dangers.

Due to the accident, metrobus services continued from one lane for about half an hour. During the lifting works of the vehicle, a lane in the direction of D 100 Highway Bakırköy was closed to traffic. After the minibus involved in the accident was lifted by crane, the traffic on the D-100 Highway and metrobus road returned to normal. - Liberty

Günceleme: 04/08/2020 10:26

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