Latest Status in Bursa Sculpture Garage Tram Line Construction Works

Bursa Sculpture The last situation in the construction work of the garage tram line
In order to bring modern transportation together with the city center, the works on the Stadium Street and Darmstadt Street have been completed in the Sculpture-Garage tram line project, the construction of which started in August. Work at Altıparmak and İnönü Streets is also continuing rapidly.

There will be 6,5 stations on the 13 km route covering Stadium Street- Altıparmak Street-Atatürk Street- Sculpture- İnönü Street-Cyprus Martyrs Street-City Square-Darmstad Street. 1 workshop building, 2 warehouse roads, 2 workshop roads, 15 trusses, 1 cruiser, 3 transformer buildings will be manufactured. In addition, a special rail system will be carried out in the region crossing the Cumhuriyet Street tram line.

4 mobile lines were also designed to be suitable for emergencies. In project scope; Workshop building will be constructed for the establishment of excavation-filling and infrastructure drainage systems, laying of rails, construction of stations, signalization systems and scada systems compatible with the current traffic signalization of the catenary system, and maintenance and repair of tram vehicles.

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