Thrace's High Speed ​​​​Train Expectation

Trakya High Speed ​​Train Route and Map
Trakya High Speed ​​Train Route and Map

The high-speed train project planned between Edirne and Istanbul came up once again at the Babaeski District Vision Development Workshop held by the Trakya Development Agency. At the workshop, it was noted that the high-speed train project, which was considered as an opportunity for the district, will reduce the journey between Babaeski and Istanbul to 35 minutes.

Babaeski District Vision Development Workshop was organized in cooperation with Babaeski District Governorate and Babaeski Municipality and Trakya Development Agency. The workshop was attended by representatives of public institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations, as well as village headmen and Babaeski residents on 60, which included the Mayor of the District Mustafa Asım Alkan and Babaeski Mayor Abdullah Hacı.

Babaeski District Vision Development and Development Workshop started with TRAKYAKA Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit Head Mehmet Karaman's short presentation about the Agency and Babaeski Mayor Abdullah Hacı's opening speech. In his speech, Mayor Hacı stated that the workshop was extremely important in terms of revealing the development priorities of the district, discussing its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats it faced.

Stating that TRAKYAKA is an institution that always stands by them both in terms of technical support and financial support programs, Hacı thanked all the employees of the Agency, especially the Secretary General of the Agency, Mehmet Gökay Üstün.

Following the explanation of the method of the workshop, Babaeski's problems were first discussed. In the section where Babaeski's opportunities in terms of development were discussed, the fact that the journey between the high-speed train project and Babaeski Istanbul would be reduced to 35 minutes was also considered as an opportunity for Babaeski.

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