Hotels will be built and a cable car will be built on Mount Ararat

Serious steps are being taken for the first time in the years after the opening of Ağrı Mountain to tourism. Governor of Igdir, Agri Mountain ', tourist resort and ski lifts make the Noah's Ark establishing similar accommodation facilities, will make Turkey's number one tourist destination.
Iğdır Governor Mustafa Tamer, Iğdır Mayor Nurettin Aras, Garrison Commander Colonel Ümit Dündar, Provincial Police Director Salim Akça, Karakoyunlu Mayor Ramazan Hoşhaber, some parish Mayors, representatives of civil society organizations, Mountaineering Federation President Alaaddin Karaca, Tourism Consultant İsmet Ülker, together with Hüseyin Oktar from Erzurum Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, went to the Ağrı Mountain Korhan Plateau in the Cevro Village of Doğubeyazıt District.
The Governor and his delegation, who set up camp in Korhan Plateau, an old settlement at an altitude of about 3 meters, made investigations here. Governor Mustafa Tamer, who made a statement to the members of the press in Yayla, said, “One of the most important projects we plan to implement is to turn Mount Ararat into tourism. kazanwas to climb. For this purpose, we established a company called 'Iğdır Power Union Joint Stock Company'. We will make all non-governmental organizations partners with this company. First of all, we are planning to build a hotel chain, a cable car system, and a model ship restaurant at the top, resembling Noah's Ark, in the Korhan Region. We want to include our citizens who are in good financial condition as partners in the company we have established. Let those who are partners in the company we established or those who are not support us, let them not criticize us," he said.
Mayor of Iğdır, Nurettin Aras, who took the floor after Governor Mustafa Tamer, said in his speech: tı Dear Governor, the start of the opening of the Mount Ararat to tourism. From now on, we have to work on going forward. Our door is open to everyone who supports us. But those who don't support them too, don't lay gossip. Together we will struggle with all our strengths as Iğdırlı, regardless of class, race and ethnicity. Today, the landscape here is very beautiful, we will continue to do that. Bugün he said.
Alaaddin Karaca, the head of Mountaineering Federation, said in his speech: Federasyon As the Mountaineering Federation, we always consider it appropriate to invest in the northern slopes of the mountains. Iğdır side of Ağrı Mountain is very convenient. We have endless support from the investment to be made here. Burada

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