New crossing work for Samray begins

Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz said in the explanations, answered questions from members of the press. Indicating that the light rail system 2 has come to the level that it targets over the years, Mr. Yılmaz said, las In fact, we have planned that the 50 thousand passengers are the optimum passengers. 67 bin with light rail yesterday, the day before the 69 thousand passengers moved around. Of course, those with tickets, unannounced with approximately 70 thousand passengers are carrying around. Only so many passengers are transported by this train. Our planning did not deceive us, the point is very good. Our city has a modern transportation system. Now we need to make people more comfortable. Extending the length of the extra train or trains, it is more convenient to carry passengers with long lines in the morning and continue with short catacombs after 10.00. We cannot do this when we want to get these tools. Because these trains are not being manufactured in Turkey, "he said.


Yilmaz said that there are 5-6 train manufacturers in the world, and they agreed with each other not to pull down the prices, u We also have to buy trains at very high prices. The costs of these trains are far below the given prices. We have bought 2 millions of 250 thousand liras for these trains. We thought that they could buy a train similar to the 1 million 750 thousand liras and we made a tender accordingly. Unfortunately, the prices we wanted were over. We have an effort to increase the number of trains. In the direction of Tekkeköy, we have determined our project route towards the Municipal Houses and Kirazlık. If we pass through the train rails in Kılıçdede Junction, it becomes very complicated. We have an obligation to pass under or over the highway. Because a loaded train train may not be there, there may be a risk of collision with another train passing by. To eliminate this risk, they tell us that the extension we need to go through either the bottom or the top Bu.

Source: SamsunAnaliz

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