In Denmark, the 14 cow hit by the high-speed train

Cows fleeing from a farm near the town of Varde in the western Jylland region of Denmark were the 14 cow that hit the train.

Regional Police director Michael Skaarup, a portion of the cows immediately on the railroad, some wounded and a certain distance within the journey of the expression, said: yolunda After the accident between the cities of Varde and Skjern train services could not be done for a long time. Because the cows that hit the train spread over a large area, it took a little longer for the owner to count and keep records and to remove the cows. The owner of the cows was also very affected and was very upset. However, the cows to escape from the farm to examine how guilty the owner is and then will be decided about whether to take legal action, ler he said.

It was also reported that the DSB could institute a lawsuit against the farm owner and demand compensation for train travel. O Animal protection associations have called for better action by horse and livestock farms on the motorway and railroad tracks.

Source : In www.hurriyet.

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