Between Railway Line should be completed as soon as Turkey and Kazakhstan

Turkish tourism in the Turkish rail sector
Turkish tourism in the Turkish rail sector

Railway Line between Turkey and Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan's "Wise Man" called President Nursultan Nazarbayev, to be found in order to strengthen economic and strategic ties with the crowds on 11-12 October 2012 business man delegation official contacts in Turkey.

Answering the questions of the AA reporter about the visit, Kazakhstan Ambassador to Ankara Canseyit Tuymebayev stated that the visit of Nazarbayev is of great importance in terms of economic relations between the two countries, and that the visit can be described as 'historical' in many respects.

The biggest obstacle to increasing the trade volume between the two countries to the higher levels is the insufficiency of the transportation network, Ambassador Tuymebayev said. Besides the emphasis on the railway network of highways should be expanded Tüymebayev, "it is important for a moment before the completion of the railway line between Turkey and Kazakhstan. 'Turkey-Iran and Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway line will be completed to increase trade between our two countries; Kazakh energy coast through Turkey, and Turkey will connect directly to the world market, "he said.

Learn about Turkey's organized industrial Tüymebayev great experience indicates that, during the visit of Nazarbayev's agreement on establishment of Kazakh-Turkish industrial zone in Kazakhstan also noted how. Indicating that organized industrial zones will be established at certain points of the provinces, These projects will come alive with Kazakhstan in 2012 and we anticipate further economic cooperation between Turkey and the bilateral trade volume will exceed $ 4 billion this year, "he said.

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