Konya Blue Train and Taurus Express Train Started

Izmir Ankara Blue Train
Izmir Ankara Blue Train

In recent years, TCDD has given great importance to road renewal works in order to provide faster service to its passengers by providing high quality service to its passengers. In order to provide sufficient time for the works to be completed in the planned period of time for the road renewal works, Toros Ekspresi, which is operated in the Haydarpaşa - Afyon - Konya - Adana route, stopped the flights operated by the Konya - Afyon - Uşak - İzmir route.

Following the completion of road renewal works on these lines, TCDD; * For the first time in Konya - AFYON - Uşak - İzmir line, KONYA MAVİ TRENİ, * Eskişehir - AFYON - Konya - Adana line with the new air - conditioned wagons TOROS EXPRESS TRAIN started 16 on August 2012.

Izmir Konya Blue Train
Izmir Konya Blue Train


3 type TVS 2000 type 1 bed with 1 bed, 1 mattress and XNUMX dining car will be formed with air-conditioned and place number XNUMX units.

Konya Blue Train, the center of the Inneradolu Region and Mevlana, the domicile of Konya and interlandı the pearl of the Aegean and Izmir interlein will move closer to each other. When you begin your journey by train, you will feel the smell of Mevlana or the sea breeze.
Konya Blue Train will move from Izmir and Konya to 20.00 every day.

From KONYA to İzmir;

Arrival time: 22.26, Departure 22.29, AFYON Arrival: 23.48, Departure 23.55, Uşak Arrival 02.12, Departure 02.17, Manisa Arrival 06.05 Departure 06.10 and Izmir Arrival are 07.22. Travel time 11 hour is 22 minutes

From İZMİR to Konya;

Manisa arrival time 21.23, departure 21.30, Uşak arrival 02.00 departure 02.13, AFYON Arrival 04.40, departure 04.50, Akşehir arrival 06.08, departure 06.11 and Konya arrival 08.40 and travel time is 12 hours and 40 minutes.

Toros Express Schedules Canceled
Toros Express Schedules Canceled


The air-conditioned 2 units are composed of M 10 type pulman wagon and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
The Toros Express Train will be operated mutually between Eskişehir-Kütahya - AFYON- Konya - Adana / Eskişehir. The Toros Express Train will provide mutual transportation between the residential units on its course during the daytime when the passenger is busy and active.

Toros Express Train from ESKISEHIR to Adana:
Eskisehir departure time 07.20, Kutahya to 08.46, departure 08.50, AFYON Arrival 10.30, departure 10.45, Aksehir arrival 12.04, departure 12.07 Konya will be on arrival at 14.40, departure 15.00, Karaman arrival 16.21, departure 16.24 and 21.30 arriving in Adana.

From ADANA to Eskişehir, Toros Express Train;
Departure from Adana 07.05, Karaman arrival12.11, departure 12.16, Konya arrival 13.37 departure 13.52, Akşehir arrival 16.20, departure 16.23, AFYON Arrival17.42, departure 17.57, Kütahya arrival 19.39 departure 19.44 and Eskişehir arrival time 21.06.

balikesir kutahya railway line was the first electric train
balikesir kutahya railway line was the first electric train


Kütahya - Balıkesir-Kütahya Passenger Train will be operated between 17 AUGUST (inclusive) and 26 AUGUST (inclusive) 2012 during the holiday period as the road renovation works are still going on.

This train will depart from Balıkesir every hour from 07.28 and from Kütahya at 16.15. This train will solve the problems of transportation especially in Tavşanlı - Balıkesir railway line.

With the tickets of all passenger trains operated by TCDD, Konya Blue Train and Toros Express Train tickets, TCDD Garage and Station Tolls, TCDD Authorized Passenger Ticket Sales Agents, PTT Branches, Internet (www. Tcdd.gov.tr) and TCDD Call (444 82 33).
I wholeheartedly wish that the KONYA BLUE TRAIN and TOROS EXPRESS TRAIN, which will start on 16 AUGUST 2012 and serve our passengers at our internal station and stations, will be beneficial to our nation, our passengers and the community. I wish you a feast every day…

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