Rails of the Train Rails

700 person who stole the connection screws of 3 meter long train rails in İshakçelebi district of Saruhanlı district of Manisa was caught as a result of the gendarmerie monitoring. According to information obtained, the gendarmerie teams in the region, the night before [more…]


Unknown Aspects of Railroads

Ay Serkisof Ahbabım Olur Mehmet Mehmet Aycı, who is the author of the train with his book erk Serkisof Ahbımım Olur,, gives unknown details about the railway in his new book “After Şimendifer“. Mehmet has published more than 20 books so far. [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara subways to new facies

The Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Ankara Branch added a new warning to its Ankara subway construction. IMO, as a result of technical analysis of the groundwater and waste water lines belonging to ASKI [more…]

06 Ankara

High speed train claim from Gunaydin

CHP Deputy Chairman Gokhan Gunaydin, Etimesgut'de Sugar Factory on the territory of the plant will be made a high-speed train workshop by saying, "This means that the heavy chemical waste both ground and groundwater is the mixing," he said. [more…]


TCDD retirees to read the Mevlit

Turan Eray is the president of the TCDD Pensioners' Social Assistance Association's Izmit Branch, which has the status of public interest. To express the souls of TCDD Retirees Association's railroad employees [more…]

08 Artvin

The cable car will cut the foot of Artvin people

“Artvin Cable Car Project ulan prepared by the Artvin Governor Necmettin Kalkan to the Secretariat General of the Special Provincial Administration of Artvin and submitted to the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) was entitled to support under the Direct Action Support. Artvin Governorship [more…]

35 Izmir

Here at TCDD daki Beach Club Club in Urla

The State Railways Recreation and Training Facilities in Urla have been serving corporate employees and excursionists for years. The facility, which also hosts the earthquake survivors in winter, has a view of palm trees, a clean and well-maintained beach, [more…]

Railway Line Maintenance Repairman and Mechanic Purchase Announcement

Railway Line Maintenance Repairman and Mechanic Purchase Announcement

This workforce request has been announced from İŞKUR'S ADANA WORKING AND BUSINESS INSTITUTE PROVINCIAL DIRECTORATE unit.TCDD 6. REGIONAL DIRECTORATE (ADANA) Application Deadline: 17 August 2012 Published Date: 08 August 2012General Terms and Notes 10 within the day from the date of publication of the advertisement at the place where the request was published. [more…]


Rail Transport in Samsun

In the light rail system, some of which was closed to transportation due to heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding, normal transportation was started as of 15.00. Station for a while due to floods and river floods [more…]